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RiskReady is Loss Prevention Software for Retail Companies


Scalable to Reduce Risk

Built to protect businesses and profits and minimize loss and manage incidents effectively, RiskReady helps loss prevention and risk management teams collect incident, event and audit information and improve workflows.


Productivity Brings Results

Operating more efficiently begins with simplifying processes. When it comes to productivity, a loss prevention and risk management solution like RiskReady gives your teams the tools they need to make quick, informed decisions and produce results.


Visibility Over Operations

Dashboards report on incidents with ease, giving you real-time data and insights for better visibility over your entire loss prevention and risk management workflow.


Controlling Loss and Risk

Powerful dashboards, views and reports centralize data into easily understood visuals. Using these tools, potential risk is communicated directly to your decision-makers for next steps and control.


Instant Access

Using centralized information as a hub, loss prevention, health and safety, internal audit and compliance teams have instant access to the same data to help inform actions. Workflows are streamlined, and costs are controlled by eliminating redundant, antiquated systems.

Available Near You

RiskReady loss prevention and risk management software can be found in leading Retailers, Banks and Security partners worldwide. Find RiskReady in the US, Canada and European markets.


Smart Forms Guide Your Customers

RiskReady leverages conditional logic form structures so users are only answering incidental questions relating to the information they need to assess. Customizable to suit your needs, forms provide situational clarity and collect more data for better-informed decisions.

  • Customizable prompts, mandatory response and questions
  • Multiple selections, forms and use cases
  • Evidence Capture

Real-Time Informative Data

Core out-of-the-box dashboards provide insights into incident mapping, incident type and date ranges as visual overviews. Customizable dashboards, views and alert tools offer real-time data that supports your industry-specific workflows.

  • Dashboards explore business risk, compliance, incidents and effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive on-demand reports show results, notes and photographic evidence captures.
  • Intelligent searches filter, sort and extract data in the way you need it most.

Workflows and Notifications as Events Unfold

When a breach or dangerous situation occurs, your team needs to know about it as soon as it happens. RiskReady captures and records an event instantly and uses workflows and notifications to alert others as needed.

  • Automatic email alerts for the rundown on high priority and critical events
  • Built-in, integrated notifications pane for a full audit trail of events
  • All-user access document library for information like procedures, communications and guides

Leverage Tools to Connect the Dots

You can never have too much data, but you can have better ways to process it. Loss prevention and risk management software tracks and links individual data points if they reoccur, helping you spot trends easily.

  • Find commonalities in individual witnesses, offenders and crimes.
  • Establish patterns to act on linked events rather than single occurrences.
  • Maximize resources according to trends to minimize risk for certain events, times or days.

See It for Yourself

Don’t take our word for it. See how RiskReady improves your loss prevention and risk management processes for yourself.

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